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American Nanny Jobs helps you find the best nanny jobs! We provide nannies a single application for hundreds of jobs in the United States. Applications go to nanny placement agencies and families too. Our helpful information answers such questions as What is a nanny? What is a job contract? What do you mean by "US work authorization required"? I cannot afford airfare to where I want to work. Can I apply anyway? I smoke. Is that a problem? Do I need a driver's license? How old do you have to be to become a nanny? What does the family mean when they say they are doing a 'background check'? How much are nannies paid? What is a fair wage?

American Nanny Job is not a nanny agency. We act as an 'infomediary' for agencies across the country. The nanny agencies subscribing to American Nanny Job automatically receives your nanny job application in their e-mail box, every day! Many families looking to hire a nanny register at for access to the same information. This through, complete application insures you that the agency and family contacts have a high likelihood of being good matches to your job experience and nanny career aspirations.