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About American Nanny Jobs

American Nanny Jobs was conceived of as a safe, secure, simple way for nannies to search for the ideal nanny job.

Nanny candidates complete a thorough on line application form that collects the following information:

  • Personal information.
  • Salary expectations.
  • Availability. Permanent and summer only positions available.
  • Geographic Area(s) seeking and Live In or Out preferences.
  • Child care experience and child care duties able to assume.
  • Housekeeping duties willing to accept.
  • Your personal experiences, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

Candidates are given the option to apply for work three ways:

  1. List availability with BOTH families and nanny agencies.
  2. List availability with  nanny referral agencies ONLY.
  3. List availability with  families ONLY.

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Families Self Search

When a family conducts a 'self search', the family is responsible for advertising, recruiting, screening, interviewing, and verifying to background of nanny candidates. The family and nanny work out the the terms and conditions of employment together, and the family is responsible to train and supervise the nanny, as appropriate. is a web-based classified advertisement system, helping families locate nannies looking for work in their community. Nanny applications are automatically posted in the database. The nanny will receive an email acknowledgement from and directions on how to pursue jobs with listed families.

Nanny Referral Agency

A nanny referral agency, or nanny placement agency, is a business specializing in matching the skills and job preferences of nanny candidates with the needs of their client families. An agency will take over the recruiting and initial screening responsibilities for the family. Agencies typically charge clients a modest retainer fee (non-refundable) and a more substantial placement fee when the search has been successful. The agency specializing in nanny referral will assist the family in defining their needs and expectations. Most agencies will refer qualified applicants and their application to the family for interviewing.

Nanny candidates applying for agency jobs through American Nanny Jobs will have their application data automatically forwarded to subscribing agencies across the United States. US work authorization is required before the agency can assist the nanny applicant. The nanny agency will directly contact those applicants whom they would consider for the open positions they are staffing BEFORE forwarding information to a family.

The family is responsible for the final selection of a nanny, and the agency will typically help them with the job offer, crafting a work agreement, and refer the family as appropriate to specialized tax and payroll support. Home/Work Solutions provides families with a variety of payroll and tax preparation services. Their web site features a tax calculator to assist families and nannies in determining net pay and total family expenses.

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